So you want to Be A Man and Buy Land, and instead of paying up front, you want to take advantage of our financing so you have some money to make some improvements to the property right away.

We’re here to help. Our owner financing is designed to make it easy and affordable to buy the land you want.

We offer financing at 6% with no prepayment penalty. The down payment amount and monthly amounts are shown for each property.


Here’s how the financing works:


Step 1: Choose your property and select “buy with financing”.


Step 2: Enter your payment details.


Step 3: Come down to our office to close in person, or we email you your Bond and Mortgage for your property.


Step 4: Sign the Bond & Mortgage and mail them back to us.


Step 5: We record your Deed &Mortgage with the County Clerk. The land is now yours.


Step 6: Make your monthly mortgage payments by credit or debit card, check, cash or trade, and we’ll

             record a Satisfaction of Mortgage when you’re paid in full.


What’s your excuse now? It’s time to man up…Be A Man, Buy Land!


Call 855-455-LAND